Thursday, 15 May 2008

Booked a place on M/S Vesterålen

Took the plunge just now with my credit card and committed to a cabin for the Hurtigruten journey from Bergen to Molde, thus ending a four-week debate on whether I should book to avoid disappointment (no cabins left) or wait until arriving in Bergen to assess the snow situation on the Rallarvegen and the possibility of cycling from Haugastol and Geilo towards Trondheim.

This'll be the first time I've traveled with the luxury of a cabin on the coastal steamer - cost for the trip is 2770 Kr (UKP 279) as a result. But the cabin is necessary for journeys longer than one day, and I anticipate that sleeping as usual on the deckchairs on the rear deck may not be an option from Bergen as it is when the ships are almost half-empty on the port-to-port legs above Bødo.

The booking resolves the problem of getting my bike onto a train from Bergen with the possible complication of it having a trailer attached. We went to dinner last week with Margaretha and John and they made a strong case for taking the BoB trailer too if food self-sufficiency is a priority in the wilder parts of Finmark. Now I'm looking at the trailer and thinking "hmmm, now I can carry a proper sized axe AND a stove on the bike..."

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