Wednesday, 14 May 2008


This is a blog about a three-month cycling tour in Norway that begins in a couple of weeks' time and should end with me reaching a ferry back to the UK in late August 2008 (not booked yet, anything could happen).

Why the blog then?

If you've come here from, you'll be aware that apart from rising tax bills, house price stagnation, and the threat of the worst recession since the 1980's we've got another pressing problem: we could take that mobile broadband data card to Norway but at £14 per MB (or roughly 10 web pages) we'd better leave it behind and use Blogger instead from
an internet cafe or public library. That way, it's just 10kr for twenty minutes' struggling with a Norwegian keyboard (which looks nothing like its UK equivalent), plus the price of a cup of coffee.

So here's the blog, and the countdown to the trip has begun in earnest - three weeks to go and a long checklist to work through.

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