Sunday, 25 May 2008

My best mate

At Uvershula, 2005
This entry is dedicated to my best cycling buddy ever, who has pedalled our bike-trailerbike combination up many a hill in Norway, and who has never complained about a thing, even when we've been wet, cold, and a bit hungry together in freezing conditions at the top of mountain passes.

He can't come on this journey because he's got a summer term to finish at school, but he'll be in my thoughts always on this trip, and I won't pass any of our old haunts without belting out one of our songs for him.

It's going to be damned difficult to get up the last few kilometers of each climb without him doing his famous all-out lung-busting SuperPedalling behind me.

The photo was taken at Uvershula, a little beachhut built by a local schoolteacher for his children, and stocked with care for passers-by, near Teigan in the Vesterålen Islands.

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