Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Because it's there

... the rather solemn expression on my face was wiped out a moment later when the Danish family who'd offered to take my photograph whipped out a bottle of champagne to share with me, since they'd also achieved their ambition by driving to the North Cape.

Still, I could have done with a really strong ray of sunshine over my shoulder to light up the scene.

As it was most of the visitors spent a few minutes in the stiff breeze outside, and then retreated to their cars or the Visitor Center for coffee and waffles.


Duncan said...

Magnificent achievement Jerry - I didn't manage to get there by car. You have inspired me to organise a bike trip to Western Isles in late July - Duncan L (Logica)

Duncan said...

Well done Jerry - Duncan Lamberton. You have inspired me to get my back wheel straightend and organise a trip to the Western Isle.