Friday, 18 July 2008

Connection restored

Thanks to prompt action on Janet's part, the bootable USB stick was in the post box when Roar and I went up to the post office this afternoon. Ten minutes later, I am relieved to find everything looking much the same as it did before the file system got corrupted.

I'm hiding in the outbuilding that Roar calls "The Library" at the moment. Now I should probably put the laptop away. If he finds I've smuggled one into his island paradise, he'll probably slip it quietly into the sea while my back is turned, and that would be more difficult to recover from!


Søren said...

I see you're back in contact with the world. Did the house fill up again or is it still as eerily quiet as it was this morning?

Despite a few hefty delays I've arrived in Oslo and am plotting a return to that little Roarbu up there in Stamsund.

Maybe not next week, maybe not next month, but.. there'll be a return. :)

Have a good trip and clear skies!

Ze German.

Jerry said...

Søren, we are missing you already! On Friday I was able to vacuum the floor in the dormitories upstairs because only John ("R/P <- UP/UC <-UC/UE") was there besides me, and the place was empty until last night - now it is full to bursting point again. Incidentally, you are going to have to explain these formulae to me slowly when we are here next because John and I have been through sustainability design again together since and I am too shy to ask for another lecture on it.

Really enjoyed your comment in the book, I think I'll have to take a photo of those couple of pages and Romain's, umm, drawings, as a souvenir of the stay here!

Søren said...

Aww man I missed Romain's entry! Do take a picture and post it here please. I've photographed a few of the other more graphic or endearing entries myself.

And I seem to have missed a wonderful day for hiking and gaping at the scenery, too! Ah well, kicking back in Oslo isn't too bad either. Just that dreaded journey home sort of sends clouds over my horizon :)

I shall follow your exploits from afar. Hope you can sustain another lecture, if not, I'll happily summarize all the points that I remember for you - I may even speak at subsonic speed, unlike John ;)

Say hi to John and Roar and good luck with the fishing. Oh, and with checking out of Justad's. I know I had a hard time doing it.