Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Not a happy day scenario

Last night I connected both iPods to the laptop at the same time in order to back one up to the other. There seems to be a bug in the kernel for mounting two identical 80Gb iPods because the file system table got corrupted, wiping both iPods and the on-board memory of the laptop - so until I can somehow restore the system image from a memory stick after downloading it from the EEE forums, I am without a laptop, guidebook, music, or photos I've taken. Not to mention weather reports from, my emails, and of course mobile access to Blogger (I'm writing this from the public library in Hammerfest on a very slow connection). Not a happy day scenario - the only good news is that the majority of the photos are also on the memory cards, and as I write the photo shop up the road is burning the surviving 4 Gb onto CDs.

Anyone with access to a small Xandros distro with mobile networking (ppp) and Huwea USB mobile internet modem support is welcome to point me at their image :-) - in the meantime, posting is going to be a bit more limited for the time being.

Incidentally, I can strongly recommend the Arran Nordkapp guesthouse - the mostly Polish staff made a big fuss of me and kept bringing more and more free food for dinner last night. The rooms being refurbished are warm and very comfortable too. Full marks to them!


Oleg said...

Reading your blog with chuckles and laughed openly on why you can't eat your potatoes. Hope things pick up. We're off to Tromso next week and then west and south on the islands on two rented bikes and plan to carry only a pannier bag each. No tent, though. From what I read in your blog it now seems crazily optimistic. Are there absolutely no places to find a bed and do you absolutely have to carry food for the entire day (or possibly days)? I am not a newbie to being wet and lonely and one pannier bag with some dried meat is what I had cycling in Iceland, but I would appreciate your advice. My email should you decide to reply privately is Best of luck. Oleg.

Paul said...

That's a nasty bug, Jerry. I've got a perl script that'll rip photos off a raw disk i.e. the script doesn't need an intact filesystem to work - it takes advantage of the fact that most file systems like to store files (photos in this case) on consecutive blocks. I'm happy to have a go at running this when you get back - we might be able to get some of the photos back from the ipods. Paul F.