Monday, 16 June 2008

At Roar's

A comment from one of the log books in the kitchen:-

"We can't believe it! The sun hasn't set yet, but this funny Norwegian man keeps coming around collecting 30 kr. Three times he's come. Everyone here is so mixed up about the time. When all of us were sitting drinking tea before bed, a guy got up with his towel and toothbrush and asked us what time it was - when we told him it was 3:30 he asked us AM or PM. We honestly didn't know.

My friends will never believe that I got my suntan above the Arctic Circle. This hut is splendid but I'm worried if it is true that the disgusting things hanging on the racks are not really dried fish but Australian travellers in hibernation for a few years..."


Anonymous said...

What I love about this blog entry and quite a lot of yours (see commando shower technique) is that it seems interesting yet innocuous until you read it much more carefully. In fact, in the Commando Shower part I must have read it 3 or 4 times before I really got it. Perhaps this is not surprising as I am not a long-distance cycler abroad or in the UK and haven't camped for 25 years.
Jennie Smith

Jerry said...

Well thanks - actually I should raise my game, since I'm able to cycle for two or three days thinking about things before I post them. I'm planning to add some more pics tonight. Appreciate your comments!