Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hilsen fra Bødo

This unusual sight off the starboard bow was a fully fitted-out house being towed into it's new location by a large tug near Bronnoysund.

Actually I slept fine on a circular couch in the Panoramic lounge on deck 8 - the only drawback being that I can't straighten up today and resemble Quasimodo as I lurch down the gangplank , flapping my hands and crying "the bølls, the bølls!"

The weather is improving again - 14°C now with sunshine and a light breeze in Bødo, which today seems to be hosting an air show, judging from the buzzing the town is getting from a fast jet performing aerobatics over the city.

I'm writing this from the tourist info center in Bødo - I'm the first of the passengers on the boat to have arrived here, probably because I'm the only passenger with a bike on board. The benefit of having a bike in the hold is twofold - I was at the center before the crowds began to build up outside (there's a line out of the door now!), and I managed to snag one of the two available internet terminals.

In the meantime, the ship takes a three hour break in port (during which time the lucky excursion trippers on board climb into a fleet of rigid inflatable boats for a fast ride down the coast to the Saltstraumen, Europe's largest mælstrom).

I've also been lucky enough to be able to stock up on fruit and veg at the shop opposite the Norona hotel on which is open on Sunday (everywhere else is shuttered up) - so now all I need is a fish caught from the sea tonight in Stamsund and I'll be set up for a birthday meal tomorrow lunchtime with Roar the warden (n.b. you'll have to page down a bit for the reference if you follow that link).

Time to ride back to the boat, more news soon - and some great pictures of the Red Lady to appear on flickr soon...


Cycletourer said...

Hi Jerry,

Just to wish you a happy birthday!

Weather looks good and sunny for you. Pics look good on Flickr. As Stan says how much are you carrying? How much weight is the Tentipi? You haven't got the mini wood burning stove stashed in one of those panniers by any chance?

Enjoy Lofoten, I just wish I was out there with you. Ah well it wont belong before we will be back in Iceland!

Have you thought about coming home via the Faroes? Bergen to Torshaven 3 days on Faroes and then Torshaven to Scrabster. Mind you, you would have to do that before the end of August.

Glade syklus


Jerry said...

Thanks Jon, I am!

I thought that the service back to Scotland had stopped this year? I'd be delighted to come back that way if it is still running.

I met Dr. Keith Barker here last night, who knows this entire area like the back of his hand after many years of cycle touring holidays. I've got several pages of scribbled notes to transcribe plus new tunnel information for you...:-)

S said...

Hey is your birthday today (the 16th)? If so you weren't born in 1962 by any chance?

One year we'll see the midnight sun, then we'll understand fully what it is.

Four weeks and two days before we're on our way to Norway, with only a long weekend cycling in the Ardennes to feed the habit.

Har det bra!

Jerry said...

Are you trying to hack into my bank account, Stan :-)? You've probably got three out of four guesses correct... give 'em a ring!

You're pretty much on the button, but what makes you think it was '62?

Looking forwards to meeting up! I met a great Dutch cyclist called Piet today, who was cycling in the opposite direction but was delighted to stop for a cup of tea and a Bixit or two with me. He has a really good map (Freytag and Berndt) and has convinced me to cycle from Narvik into Sweden along the Kongsveien when I'm done with the Far North...

S said...

Blogger barfed last night when I tried to post this so you might already have four copies.

If your birth year is '62 then you were born on the same day as my big brother.

I was coincidently text chatting with him on Skype, wishing him a Happy Birthday when I read Jon's post wishing you a Happy Birthday. I was amused that you had the same birthday and wondered if you had the same birthdate.

Life is full of funny coincidences (finding folorn Nokia phones ringing at the side of the road for instance :).

I'm going to go off and enjoy your latest pics.

Happy Cycling