Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tips #1 - Basic Hytte Instructions

Your basic hut costs kr. 350 to kr. 400 per night. You will be renting a solidly built wooden hytte assembled about 10-15 years ago, with a small porch, lockable door, clothesline, and double glazed windows (2). Inside you will find two bunk beds, a table, four chairs, and a cupboard with a two-plate electric cooker on it. There's also a small electric heater under the larger window.

Take off your shoes before you enter the hytte. No self-respecting Norwegian wears shoes indoors.

Make sure the heater works before you choose this type of hytte. They have a history of abuse, and are often rusted out (too many wet clothes).

You will find a small plastic jerrycan with the dustpan and basic cleaning materials in the cupboard under the hotplate. This is for you to use to ferry water to your hytte for cooking purposes.

If you arrived when the office was closed, you'll find the key for your hytte in the door.

You may want a polet for the shower in the wash block. If the office is going to be closed for some time, you can use a spare polet hoarded from your last campsite, or take the Commando Shower Option.

You will need to bring your own bedding, cutlery, cooking pots, dishcloth, pillow, and entertainment to this hytte type. A tablecloth is provided, however.

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