Saturday, 14 June 2008

Stunning Atlantershavsvegen

Forgot to mention that before I arrived in Kristiansund, I cycled the 80 km from Bud over the causeway between the islands.

The weather was perfect for this yesterday - sunshine, no breeze, perfect black tarmac in immaculate condition, hardly any traffic, and stupendous views over the sparkling blue waves.

My decision to wait out the rain in the camspsite at Bud was right for once.

The road is truly movingly beautiful when seen on a fine day out of the main tourist season.

But the bad news is that when I arrived in Bremsnes I discovered they are building ANOTHER TUNNEL about 5.2 km long to link Bremsnes with Kristiansund, which will open in December 2009, probably destroying the remoteness of the road across the islands forever.

So for goodness' sake book your trip now before the route becomes bumper-to-bumper with bobils and Avis rental cars on a day circuit of the route. Because that will surely happen when the pain of waiting for ferries is removed.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's getting better and better. Looked at yr photos on flickr - all that's missing are some of you! get those friendly Norwegians snapping! Sorry about the upcoming tunnel link and good luck with finding somewhere to stow away/sleep on the ferry. jenniesmith