Thursday, 12 June 2008

New pictures on flickr

I've managed to upload thumbnails from the camera to, after a voyage of discovery with the linux tools at my disposal this afternoon in the cabin. Marianne, who owns the site, explained breezily that people just expected wireless internet access in their cabins these days while my jaw dropped...

The photos are only the raw .CR2 files, converted to JPG format and scaled down to a size that I can send quickly to the Flickr servers. The much larger and prettier originals are now backed up on the iPod.

So don't get your hopes up too much for the quality of the postcard-sized pictures :-)


S said...

Gaaaaaaagh. Five more weeks of rooting around in other people's code before we hit Norway. How am I going to cope especially with all of your wonderful photos just begging to be looked at.....

{fx: sound of a slice of Norwegian brown cheese being smeered off the lump with a knife}

{fx: satisfied sounds of brown cheese being eaten}

That's a bit better......


Jerry said...

Thanks Stan. Did my mail get to you two days ago? I replied on the question of Midsund and various other things but the campsite wifi connection went down during the post back to the server (or when I was composing the mail) - so I'll have to write it again maybe.

Other people's code is hell, isn't it? Especially COOL:Gen code :-( - but hopefully it's something else this time?

I do want to meet up here, I shall bend my itinerary to suite.

S said...

I've got one from the 11th and one from the 14th. The last one had more of your impressions of Midsund and some (useful) information about the RV17.

If it is any consolation our internet went down here for several hours last night. This also took out our (VoIP) telephone. I think you probably have more reliable communications out there than we have here :)

We're also amazed at just how much stuff you have crammed on your bike. It is surprising you move at all. Our guess is that you have started an "interesting rock" collection in one of your rear panniers hence so much stuff has to go on top of the rack :-)

Nice to see you have better weather.

Happy cycling

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Jerry. We (and the great game) are with you. SAM