Thursday, 19 June 2008

Tips #3 - Little Helpful Things

I managed to press a large (pillow case sized!) bag of unwanted things into Roar's hands on departure, with a vague promise to pick them up on my way back down. Am feeling much trimmer now - the bag held mostly maps, guidebooks, camera lenses, trousers and shirts, all of which I can do without.

Here's a list of little helpful things I carry in my left front pannier pocket:-
  • fryposer - freezer bags, 2L, really useful for storing rubbish from roadside meals, and emptying food into from each small shopping trip. Double-bag your Dolmio pasta sauce, though.
  • Post-It notes - I try to learn 10 words and phrases each day from my Teach Yourself Norwegian book; they get copied onto the yellow sticky, which is stuck to the map I'm using in the Ortlieb map case on the handlebar bag. Also very useful for sticking to the door of the hytte as a reminder to empty the freezer tray if there is one.
  • Pampers baby wipes - for full-on personal freshness if wild camping where water is in short supply. Actually the alcohol-based ones are better, but come in larger and less convenient packaging.
Any tips for improvements?


S said...

For cleaning hands we use ladies facial moisturising/cleaning tissues. These are designed to remove grease and makeup. One tissue will almost completely clean two hands covered in chain grease. The packs are quite small as well. We've settled on the Nivea brand, the other ones don't seem to be quite as good.

Just had a look at some of your photos uploaded on the 19/6. Wonderful.

Jerry said...

Excellent! I´ll certainly try these if I can find them, because as you can imagine I´m getting coated with the stuff (grease, not makeup!),

I´m exactly two years younger than your bro then Stan!

Jerry said...


I tracked these down in a Co-Op the next day and I agree, they work a treat. Plus as you point out the packet is half the size and weight of the Pampers travel pack, making them even more attractive. Next you need to give me some tips on what I should be eating here!