Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tips #2 - Commando Shower Option

This assumes that you have no shower polet, and that no-one is going to turn up today to sell you one for 10 Kr (6 minutes) of hot shower.

You will need:-
  • A raincoat (it is raining)
  • Hytte key
  • Gilet/fleecy top - gilet preferred
  • Ronhill Tracksters
  • Bar of soap
  • Small towel (hand-towel size or smaller)
  • Cycling shoes
  • Nothing else. Remove all other clothing before leaving hytte.
  • Enter washblock
  • Test hot water availability at standpipe
  • Grin
  • Drop trousers, scrub up
  • Raise trousers, remove gilet, scrub up
  • Remove excess soap and moisture with small hand towel
For best results:
  • Try to choose a time when the German fraus from the bobils are not using the washblock
  • Always use Ronhill Tracksters, they will be dry by the time you have recrossed the field to the hytte
  • Remember to hoard the polet you bought last time for the really cold, wet evening when you've just cycled 80 km and you badly need a shower.

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